Welcome to our company...

Environment Friendly Practice

We differ from others because we pay maximum attention to the materials we use in production along with environment sustainability. For this reason, we use bamboo that in itself is considered a material that has minimum impact on our planet. However, we further reassure that all the generated waste while producing Bamboo sticks, Bamboo Cutlery Set Bamboo, Bamboo Agarbatti Sticks and Bamboo Toothpicks is turned into axles that later find usage for other purposes like lighting fire for cooking. Hence, we ensure our business practices do not produce carbon footprint on our Mother Nature.

Quality Assurance

Everyone wants to buy quality products against their valuable money and it is the main reason that people repeatedly buy products from a particular brand or business house. Working in the industry for more than a decade, we have realized this fact and have been rendering the products of highest quality since we started our business.

Why Us?

Following key reasons make us superior than the other competitive companies and enable us to get repeated orders from the customers. These key reasons are as follows:
  • On-time delivery: We ensure all the consignments are delivered at customers' site without any delay.
  • Wide range: Bamboo Agarbatti Sticks and Bamboo Chopping Board that we offer are available in different sizes to choose from.
  • Commitment: We stay committed to the promises we make to our customers.
  • Fair business: We follow fair business policies while dealing with our customers.

Infrastructural Base

Situated at a prime location of China, our infrastructure facility is segmented into various sub-divisions for faster and efficient completion of the projects. The units that comprise our base includes research and development, warehouse, quality checking cell, production plant, etc. For the smooth working of these departments, the management has appointed skilled and qualified professionals who are extremely dedicated towards their jobs.